The Banished

Players that recieve this role are at an extreme disadvantage in every aspect. This role recieves no permissions and all movement capability is heavily limited. Players should never recieve this role unless they have commited heinous acts. This is a punishment beyond banning.

User arrowo

Default Rank

Players that join the servers for the first time will have this rank. Because of a timed-progression of user levels, this first rank does not have the ability to use the duplicator tool to spawn garbage as well as some other subtle restrictions. Users will only spend an hour in this role as a buffer.

User L2 arrowo

Sticking Around

Players that recieve this role have been on the server for at least an hour. They are clearly interested and enguagued. When this milestone is met, the members of this rank will recieve higher spawn limits and less tool/ entity restrictions. They are allowed to use the duplicator tool.

User L3 arrowo


Players that spend at least 24 hours in total on any of the servers will be promoted to this role. They are becoming established members in the community and should be rewarded with a little more trust. Spawn limits are increased and tool restrictions lifted. Access to a few simple ULX commands.

User L4


Players that achieve a total of 100 hours in total on any of the servers will reach the highest user level. Trust is increased even more as spawn limits are incresed even more, tool restrictions are almost entirely gone, and access is granted to more non-administrative ULX commands

Moderator arrowo

Exceptional Users

Players that demonstrate the ability to enforce the rules and are interested in helping the community, but lack the knowledge or skills to be a proper admin. This role has access to useful moderation tools like kick, votekick, and mute/gag, but can’t ban. The moderator rank is effectively ‘admin-in-training’

Admin arrowo

Passed The Test

In order for players to reach this rank, one of three conditions must be met: They pass the admin test, they get a recommendation and a promotion, or they submit an exceptional admin-application form. Admins are official Chill-Servers staff members and are given access to powerful administration tools.

Officer arrowo

Advanced Administration

Admins that exhibit excellent understanding of the administration tools available to them, have a concrete moral compass that aligns with Chill-Servers, and know how and when to apply strict punishment will be promoted to this rank. Officers will also help promote other users and manage settings.


The Extraordinary Few

This rank is reserved for individuals that have an unrivaled knowledge of server management, administration, and configuration. Almost all permissions are granted and they are given an extreme amount of trust as their vision directly impacts Chill-Servers as a community.


Chiller Gets This Role

Currently ULX/ULIB and mods that utilize permission systems heavily rely on a ‘superadmin’ role for configuration. This role effectively acts as root and has access to every system/ subsystem and all possible permissions. This is a dangerous rank, so I keep it to myself. The name feels a little better than “Owner”

Legacy Staff

Gone, But Not Forgotten

This role is reserved for members that were once part of the administration team, but have been extremely inactive or missing. They can earn their previous rank back if they start becoming active again.
No extra privledges are given with this role.


Dedicated Supporters

Players that support the servers by sending gifts or funding projects will be given a secondary role that lets them stand-out. Depending on the game and server, they might receive donator-only cosmetics or items.
No extra privledges are given with this role.

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